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WiFi not working. HELP!

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I am about to throw this damn thing out the window!

I haven't had my mac for too long (about a month or so). The other day I was torrenting something that was 40 gig. I got bored and cancelled it downloading at about 200mb.

Then my internet became slow for the rest of the day, then cut out. I have tried numerous things to get it back, I have even just reinstalled osx! Sometimes it will connect wirelessly and work fine for a bit, then it will go, and when I try to reconnect it says "connection timeout" Thanks.

Anyway, after I reinstalled it, things worked pretty quick through wifi, but a speed test was giving me 0.2 and when I plugged in ethernet i got 13, so anyway, youtube was really slow. Then it piped up to 9 and died again, I am now running off cable. What can I do!!!

(things I have done)

Fiddled with DNS
PRAM reset
OS reinstall
Fiddled with router (it's sky, so it has 2 controls, off and on)

I would also like to point out that everything else in the house works perfectly.

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Oh, and you cant turn it on in the top menu, you have to use diagnostics for it to connect.
When you open the System Preferences, click on Network, and then select Airport from the list in th eleft pane, there will be a check box that says show Airport status in menu to get the icon in the top. Also, is there where you messed with the settings by clicking on advanced, after having clicked on Airport?
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