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Why won't my Dell XPS M1530 play videos

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About a month ago my laptop stopped playing videos. If I try to play a video on CNN it is very choppy and there is no sound. If someone sends me an email with a video attachment and I try to play it I get an error. Also every time I leave a site and go right back I have to log back in. I am using windows 7 and IE8. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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One thing I forgot to ask you are on broadband(Comcast, Verizon) and not Dial up correct?

It seems that the two issues are unrelated, though life is full of surprises. I'd say let's treat them as separate issues for now.

Starting with the "login" issue: Just to make sure, are you selecting the "Remember me" option?

Also, make sure cookies are enabled; in IE8, go to Tools>Internet Options>Privacy tab. Check around in there, including the "Advanced" window.

The video issue seems like it may have to do with Flash. Make sure you have the latest version installed from here: Adobe - Install a different version of Adobe Flash Player

What is the error you get when trying to play videos sent as an attachment?

One thing you may try is downloading Google Chrome from here: Google Chrome - Get a fast new browser. For PC, Mac, and Linux

Chrome uses an embedded Flash player, while Internet Explorer and Firefox use a plugin.

Let's see where that gets us; if it doesn't work, we'll go from there.
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#1 Wrench I am using FIOS.

#2, I check the remember me box but if I leave and then come back I have to log back in. Also I do not seem to have a tools button on the ei bar.

#3, The error I get when trying to view a video attachment states that Media player has encountered a problem. If I go to the web for help it says it was error code cood11b1.

#4, I have down loaded the new flash player.

Thanks for the help.
I downloaded Google chrome. Went to cnn and tried to play a video clip. It does the same thing starts and stops and there is no sound.
In IE8, you'll have to press the Alt key to pull up the Tools menu.

I found an article on your WMP error here: How to Fix Error COOD11B1 in Windows Media Player

See if that helps anything; if not, try this: Fix/Repair Windows Media Player on Windows 7 with Fix WMP Utility

You can also do a repair install: Repair Install - Windows 7 Forums

Finally, try downloading CCleaner, and clearing out your cookies and temporary internet files.
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