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Hi, my computer freezes in the middle of computer games, such as starcraft 2, league of legends, warcraft, minecraft, etc. It was working really great and never freezing up a while ago, but then it started to freeze. It will be playing really excellent, no lag, like 60 fps, then all the sudden it will lock up, everything freezes (even the cursor), and i cant push cntrl alt delete, i cant press alt f4, so i had to manually push the button on the cpu. This happened a while, so we got a new graphics card. That did not help. Now i am where i am right now. I went to the "can my computer run this game" website, and it said that the computer can run it really well, so i know for a fact its not my computer.:sad:

Here is the list of things i have already tried:
-i updated ALL the drivers
-i got all the dust out of the comp
-the fan is working fine
-i checked for overclocking
-i ran game booster everytime, and it still happens
-i ran a mcaffe scan completly and got rid of all the viruses
-i defraged and restarted my computer

I did all those things and still it freezes and locks up. I think the most annoying thing about is that it wasnt always like this! It could play 15+ starcraft 2 games without freezing or having a problem. I just dont know what the problem is, someone please help! And if you dont know i kindly ask that you dont leave comments like "u should check if theer are viruses bro...", i know there are none. And if you dont know, but you know a place/website or a person who you think does know, please tell me!

Here are my system specs:
Windows edition
Windows Vista Home Premium
Model: Xps Xps_630|
Processor: Intel core 2 duo CPU E8500 @ 3.16GHz
Memory (ram): 8.00 gb
System type: 64 bit

Again please help me! Im sort of a computer noob, so i dont know where to ask this question(thats why i asked it here..) And a huuuge thanks in advance for anyone who helps or trys to help me! :)

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Well! To me this sounds like a wonderful PSU issue!
Could you open her up and look for a lable on it? Should have a power rating in Watts, a brand name and some voltages on the side.

Power supply is usualy at the very top or bottom, with all the wires coming out of it.

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Hello and welcome to TSF

after you follow the above post, follow these steps ahead

you said you changed your video card
what is your current Video Card now?
also did you remove the old drivers before installing the new card and its drivers?
Try to disable Mcafee antivirus while you play a game, I don't trust Mcafee to be a good A/V any more

so follow these steps:

1- download the latest drivers for your video card (do not install yet) dowload Revo uninstaller from my sig, open it and choose your video card drivers from the list(if you have Nvidia or AMD) right click on it and choose uninstall wait for it to complete (do not restart) now remove all the remains from your HDD and your registry when prompted by Revo, restart your PC and install the drivers you downloaded.

2- Disable Mcafee Antivirus or even shut it down completely before entering a game and see if the freezing stops, it could be that Mcafee with interfering with some games

3- Let's see if the issue is caused from a RAM conflict, shut down your PC, remove all power plugs from it, and open the PC case, look for the RAM sticks and remove all but one stick try to start your PC with only on RAM stick and see if the freezing stop (if you don't know how to remove the RAM just skip this step)

4- make sure that all drivers are up to date, even your sound card drivers
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