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I have the Gateway GM5664.

The Power Supply is a 400w with 2 12 v rails ( I think)
It says 12v1 16a 12v2 16a

I installed a new video card 9600gt that requires

26a and a voltage of 400 MINIMUM.
I opted not to get the 8800 because it needed 28a and like 450.

Now my CPU is making that overheating sound.
I applied new thermal paste.

It's definitely my CPU.
Already got one blue screen crash since the install.

Do I need a new psu?
What does the 2 16a's mean?
Isn't that 32a? the card needs 26?

What am I not getting?
Someone in a different thread said i'm "starving a hungry CPU" because when I'm encoding a DVD or antivirus is running the CPU load goes to 65% and that constant beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep goes off.
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