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why is it doing this?

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hi, not sure if any one can, or if any has the same issues as me but here goes.
I am runnin an MSI K7N2 delta mobo, with an amd 3000+xp chip, 1052mb ram, and a radeon sapphire 9200 256DDR graphics card.
The problem i am having is this, my pc runs like a dream, will do what ever i ask of it, and than all of a sudden i will get a blue screen of death telling me the my irql is not lees or equal, or telling me that there is an issue with a device driver, then i have no option but to restart.
I have updated all the drivers i possibly can, i have checked my device manager and i havent got any conflicts, or nowt.
It has been suggested that it summit to do with my raid drivers, but i cant find any updates or patches to rectify this, so i am lost. Any help that could be offered would be greatly appriciated.

Many Thanx

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Definitely a problem with a bad driver. Do you have any codes from the BSOD?
to view the blue screen error, assuming you are using a windows operating system:

right click on my computer -> click on properties -> click on advanced -> click on startup and recovery settings -> and then uncheck the "automatically restart" on the middle. then when you get the blue screen error again, post it here.
right, sorry for the delay in replying, but i think i have sorted out what is the problem.
last night i got a fatal BSOD, tellin me windows-config-file-corrupted, this killed it all, couldnt even fire up in safe mode. So only option was a fresh install of windows and format.
Now the errors i was getting in the BSOD were just sayin IRQL not less or equal, then nuffin else of much use.
when i reinstalled windows last night, i notice at the start it askin if i had seperate raid drivers to be installed, i followed it so i could install the raid drivers meself manually, and all seems to workin ok, for the minute........
Thanks very much for the replies, and hopefuly all is well now.

Many thanx

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