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Why does 2k take so long to boot??

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Heres my spec:
16 MB TNT GRAPHICS CARD (this couldnt cause it could it).

My computer takes longer than my friends and he has an athlon 1000!!! Why is this, he has suggested that it could be because i have a bigger hdd, but i dont see how that would make that much difference. Also, can the fact that i have a really lacking graphics card be the reason it takes so long to boot. I really dont know how this could be but we all know what computers are like... Before you all give me a lecture about the fact that there is no point having a AMD athlon xp 3000+ and then running a riva tnt 16mb on it, all i can say is im saving for my new gforce fx 5600!!

hope you can help out on this dilemma, that is bugging me so much...

Regards, tom
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Many things can cause a system to boot slowly. Do you have a NIC that isn't connected? If so, it could be waiting for a DHCP server to supply an address, that takes quite a bit of time. There could be some startup program that's taking time to initialize. I really doubt it's your graphics card, I've never seen or heard of that being an issue with boot time.
Okay you have really baffled me there, NIC and DHCP??????? I mean i have heard these phrases before but dont really know what they mean. Please explain to me how i can find out if they are causing a lengthy boot time for me please.
Thanks, Tom
A Network Interface Card (NIC) is a card to connect to an Ethernet network. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is the method computers get an IP address from a DHCP server. If there is no connection to the NIC, the system will frequently wait a minute or so attempting to connect to a DHCP server. If that is the case, you can disable the NIC in Device Manager.

This is just one possibility...
Okay, i'll give it a go, and i'll keep you posted on if it fixes it or not.

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