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White screen

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I have a windows vista XPS and today out of nowhere while being on it the screen turned white I've had it for a year or two.
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Can you get into Safe Mode?
Can you get into Startup Repair?

Please use System Restore to restore the system to a point a couple of days ago (it won't affect your data).
I can't do anything as soon as I turn on my computer it's a white screen.
Is it a laptop or a desktop?
If a laptop, can you plug it into another monitor and see if that works?
Try a different monitor
It's all in one. Like the engine, and screen and all that are on one thing so it's only one wire to plug in only keyboard is seprate.
Anyone able to help?
Does it ever show anything other than a white screen? How about the Dell splash screen when it first boots up?

In short, if we can't get it to display something - and it's an all-in-one unit - then there isn't an awful lot we can do here. In that case I'd try a local computer shop to see if they can get a display to show on it.
As soon as I turn it on it shows white. And oh man I guess I go bring it to a store I came on here for the free help support though lol thanks though. :)
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