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While initializing device IOS

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The computer that I'm looking at is a AMD 900MHZ/64RAM/Win Me/agp graphic card/9Gig HD/mother board is MS-6330-ver-2.1. I receive this error as follows.

Error: An I/O subsystem driver failed to load.
Either a file in the .\iosubsys subdirectory is corrupt, or the system is low on memory.

I receive this error after post. The memory test is succesful showing 64 during boot up. Any suggestions for this error.
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Welcome, try going here and see if this helps, the problem your having is normally a Win95 problem, but Me is so buggy it probably just started borrowing other OS's problems as well. :);en-us;Q225497

if that doesn't work you could also try going here:
I got my recovery disc and booted windows with a reinstall. Thanks for input.
I guess that would take care of it to...glad you got it fixed and do come back and see us again. :)

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