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which type of gf 4 to get ?

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i was looking at the leadtek gf4 ti4200 64 mb and 128 leadtek a good company for both 64 and 128?what is another good company that sells gf4 ti 4200
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If you're lookin to spend that much, than I would honestly go for the ATI Radeon 9700 Pro 128 MB DDR with TV Out.

I just prefare the ATI's more than the GF's.

GF4 MX (Both 64 and 128) is a cheaper version of the Ti's

If you want an MX, I would still suggest you get the ATI Radeon 9000 Pro which is cheaper than the 9700....

Correction: A LOT Cheaper! (Hundreds to be exact):D
which is better evga,leadtek, pny verto, asylum for gf4 ti4200 or does it matter or should i get the radeon 9500 128 mb
i have $175 to spend on a graphics card which would be the best one.
If your buying a Leadtek card, ask if the card has an analog video input as well as tv out.. It comes in handy if you ever want to do some analog capture from your video collection...
MSI, LEADTEK, ASUS the best choose's. I'm doing just fine with my PNY GeForce 3 Every game I though at it, runs just fine......
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