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Which text file in Xp can we analyze to make sure that our system is infected

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Which text file in Xp can we analyze to make sure that our system is infected.
I mean the text file which will be modified first in our system when virus enters the system. Can anyone help me ???
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It would all depend on the virus itself as to what becomes infected.

If you're concerned about virus protection, be sure to have an anti virus programme installed.. you can get them for free as a download fom various sites on the net.

If you feel your computer may be infected, then there are lots of programmes to help find and remove almost all and any virus, bug, trojan, keylogger etc etc.

Feel free to expand on your original question.
Hi and welcome.

Many infections won't leave a text file letting you know you're infected. And some infections won't even touch any text files. If you think you may be infected then start here and follow the instructions.

If you cannot complete any of the Steps, simply move on to the next one - remember to let the Analyst know about this when you post your logs.

Do not post your logs back in this thread - follow the guidance in the above link!

Please note that the Security Forum is always busy, so I would ask for your patience while waiting for a reply.

Other than that we need more information - any symptoms? Pop ups, strange errors etc etc.
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hi all
i got the ans which i was searching.
its the virus load point
I think you mean


Not all infections affect the hosts file, though some do alter it.

More info here:
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