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Which port(s) to open in XP firewall to allow remote access via tcp/ip

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Hi, I've set up a computer for a user to access remotely once they have VPN'ed in. However,
XP Firewall on: can't connect
XP Firewall off: connects

Anyone know what port I need to open on the firewall to allow a connection using just plain old tcp/ip (user maps a drive or enters the Ip address with share name).
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Re: port to open in XP firewall to access remotely via tcp/ip

Just make an exception for file/printer sharing, I can't get exact instructions because I am at work and they have me locked out of the windows firewall.

edit: Found some instructions here
That's a good start - but I tried that without success.
Are you talking about a remote connection or just file/print sharing?
Thank you all! That's tremendous. I went to
as suggested and it was exactly what I needed to know. I've always relied on the kindness of strangers:)
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