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I bought a used Gateway Solo 2500 Laptop. I
signed up with MSN for my ISP. When MSN tried
to manually connect me to the Internet, they
were unable to do so. MSN advised calling

I called Gateway and the tech informed me
that the Modem card I was / am using (3com
Megaherz 516) is "Not Compatable" with
Windows XP Pprofessional, my OS. he said the
correct Modem Card is the 3com 6612516.
After keeping me on the Phone for "45 Minutes"
trying to "Sell Me" this Modem Card, I asked
him if I could buy it on the Gateway site
later on and he said no problem. I just
thought it odd his persistance trying to
sell it to me.

I've since seen "Several Different" 3com
Modem Cards, on eBay,
that say "They ARE Compatable"
wih Windows XP Professional. So does anyone
know which Modem Card (s) are "Compatable"
with Windows XP Professional ? Thank all of
you who respond.

Capt. John---JJJJJR

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The modem numbers you provided don't come up with any search results.

Microsoft's minimum requirements for windows xp says : you need a 33.6 kbps modem. Since I could not come up with some search results with the info you provided I can not tell what your modem speed is. Anything above 33.6 kbps should work fine with your OS.

link to microsofts minimum requirements page

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