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Hi Guys,
I am currently setting up my first wireless-N/ or Ethernet home network.
I am a mac user planing to store files on external centralized HDD.
My idea is to use PS2 to view Blu-ray discs or excess files from the HDD
to view on my 42" Samsung LED TV. Sound will run through a Yamaha YSP 4100 sound projector.

Now my question: I have 500 DVD's I would like to rip to my HDD.
What file format would be best to have a good quality HD picture?
I am looking for the best file size/picture quality ratio. Not keen on filling up my HD with 12GB per movie..... please advise!! Thanks!
So far using Xvid codecs, Mpeg-4 files ... approx. 780KB per movie. Works fine on my Macbook, but what is best to stream and still have HD quality on a 42" display??
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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