When buying a new PC or a tablet there is one major thing to take into consideration; the operation system (OS). It’s what makes the device act and feel like it should. Your PC or tablet may have outstanding features but what will allow you to run them or use them is the OS. Think of the operation system as the brain.

Windows 8 as an Operation System

On October 22, 2010 Microsoft announced that a new style of Windows would be arriving within two years; Windows 8. With the development of Windows 7 Microsoft implemented touchscreen tools which would give users on a touchscreen PC or a Windows tablet a better experience. The tablet market is rapidly expanding as people are buying up the new technology. To compete in just a market Microsoft had overhauled their OS design to give touchscreen devices a better experience. The new OS has some outstanding new features, a app store for all different types of uses, a new and improved lock screen, and a metro style home screen when starting the computer; just like Windows Phone 7.

Windows 8 on the PC

Where does that put the desktop with Windows 8? Approximately 83 million desktops are sold each year. When buying/building a PC your options are limited to OS’s such as Windows, or Linux. In fact 95% of the world’s computers run Windows. Windows (on the PC) overall has had the same “look” and “feel” to it for many years now. Most people, including myself, enjoy the Windows look and feel. Windows 8 is built to run smoother and fast on your desktop, in fact a cold boot up takes about 10 seconds. Windows 8 takes processess running in the background and allows them to run at a much smaller and smoother pace. With the new OS, a new user interface allows your graphics take a break. Allow your graphics to run gaming crisper and faster along with internet video. As nice as Windows 8 seems many people around techsupportforum.com would rather stick with Windows 7 on the desktop rather than upgrading to Windows 8.

Windows 8 on a tablet

When it comes to buying a tablet your options for an OS come down to only one, Android. Android is found on many different manufactured tablets; as there are others such as iOS and Blackberry but they are only found on their company’s products, not over multiple devices. Before Windows 8 Microsoft’s products were not installable on ARM CPUs as the hardware required was not available. Windows 8 is designed to work with ARM CPUs which allows users to install Windows 8 on a tablet. When you compare Windows 8 to an iPad, feature vs. feature, you start to see a difference. Windows 8 is heavy on hand jesters as the iPad has just a few. Windows and iPad both have multi-tasking capability along with an app store. iOS has a more user friendly interface but Windows has stronger apps. Microsoft sees a future in tablet sales, which gives them the incentive to develop an OS for that market. In my option Windows 8 will be a major player vs. Google and Apple on the tablet market.


All in all Windows 8 will still be one of the best and most popular operating systems in the world. Windows 8 may not be the best option for the PC but it will be an outstanding OS for the tablets, and maybe even more. You may not see Windows 8 in a lot of schools or businesses due to many just upgraded from XP to Windows 7; you will start to see a change in tablets. Just like how technology has moved from the desktop, to the laptop, to the smartphone, technology is moving to the tablet and so is Windows.

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