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Where to find temporary internet files?

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I regularly listen to internet radio programs over live streams and I'd like to know where the downloaded .dat or .mp3 file ends up? I presently run firefox and when I used to use internet explorer, I would listen to the radio show and then goto temporary internet files and there I'd find the downloaded audio file.

Thanks in advance!
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Usually found in Docs&settings\UserName\LocalSettings\TempInternetFiles (abbreviated)

You may have to enable Hidden Files/Folders thru the Folder Options in Windows Explorer.
Or open IE > Tools > Internet Options > under "Temporary Internet Files" click "Settings" then click "View Files" and it will open the directory for you.
You people and your "simple" ways......LOL :grin:
OK cool thanks for the easy way of finding them! Somthing that puzzles me is that this is the directory that I find them in C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Docal Settings\Temporary Internet Files

'Docal settings?'

Maybe I had a virus that did that?

Something else I want to know is: If I begin listening to an audio stream by clicking a link in firefox then will the file get downloaded to the a different location than if I had clicked the link in internet explorer?
When you stream audio, you don't download a file...hence the name streaming. If you do download a file, it's just a link to the stream.
You actually do, it just stays in ram till it gets over written. Never gets written to the hard drive.

There are programs that let you record streams. I'm thinking illegal in todays world, unfortunately.

To play it safe, I'm not going to link to anything...
Yea, well obviously you download, but it stays in ram and gets cleared to make room for the rest of the stream, but it never gets written to your hard disk.
you can many times download streaming vids easily..just right click and choose 'save target as'
Not if it's truely streaming...

there is no way on that page to save the audio file. If you connect to my shoutcast server (streaming audio) there is no way to download the file unless you find a way to write it straight from your RAM (which would be considered illegal)
ahh..yes..IC...of course there are illegal ways of grabbing said file :grin:
yes, but that will end this discussion...
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