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second drive?

im not sure you mentioned that it was a second drive having troubles.

i am wondering, is this a situation where you added a drvie and didnt set the jumpers?

what all drives are on your machine?

is it anything like this?

like IDE 1 Master= hard disk 0
Slave = hard disk 1

IDE 2 Master =cdrom
Slave = cd burner

or do you have a single drive partitioned, and you are having trouble accessing the second partition?

or is it a single hard disk on master...
and a single hard disk on slave?

you need to be a little more descriptive of your problem.

if this is the problem i think it is you didnt state it right, and people are likely to be confused.

please restate what type of hard disk(S) you are running, and what channel they are on, and what the jumpers are set at on them

your machine is newer than mine, and it would detect that drive, so i don't think that is the problem you are having...

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