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Where did the GB's go?

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I had to re-install my OS because of too many errors my daughter did to it lol.
Well after re-installing Windows 7 Ultimate edition on my DELL Inspirion 1520, I clicked on the my computer icon. To my surprise it said that there was 82GB free out of 98GB HD. Well the HD is a 150GB, so where did all the GB’s go?

After some poking around I found this out:
Partion 1 47MB Reserved.
Partion 2 97GB System
Disk 0 Unallocated 50GB extended
Disk 0 part 3 Mediadirect 2GB Logical
OK, so it looks like somehow I need to get the GB’s from Disk 0 to C drive, 50GB!

Any help/suggestions?
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Disc 0 has your C: partition on it. What you need to do is to extend Partition 2 to include the Unallocated 50GB extended. Leave Partition 1 and Part 3 alone.
It seems that you have unallocated space..that means you need to allocate that free space to a disk..

Now, all you need to do is to create a new drive and allocate that 50GB to that drive..
Er, that unallocated 50 GB is already on that drive/disk. It's unallocated space on the drive. The partition where the Windows install resides can be extended to use that unallocated space. You cannot make unallocated space into a disk/drive. You can make it into a partition of the disk/drive.
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