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where are my common tasks

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I cant seem to get common tasks to display in the folders with "my computer". I have tried " -Tools -Folder Options -Show common tasks in folders " with no luck. I click on the folders button on the toolbar and it only makes the folder tree disappear, clicking it again brings the folder tree back. I have searched the net for help with no luck.

Any ideas?

Cheers and beers.
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go to the folder options listed in your control panel,, click on restore defaults.

otherwise i would run 2 scans for virus/spyware...trendmicro, and either ewido or avg...adaware-se for spyware also

use the links below

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tried that too and tried it again. My system is in tip top shape, so no chance of it being a virus, trojan, spyware, adware etc causing it.

I've probably disabled something as i am always playing around with windows settings, i haven't used common tasks for over a year, which is when i first switched to classic view after installing xp pro, so who knows what ive disabled in that time.

Anyways its of no concern as i know where all those tasks are, i was just curious as to why it won't come back.

Cheers for the post whosdat
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