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When it rains it pours!

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Ok new problem. Last Thursday my boss's laptop stopped booting while in the docking station. I called our mainland computer department and we both decided that it had to be a fault in the docking station. So they shipped me a new docking station and I swapped them this morning. Everything was working perfectly. Until 10 minutes ago when my boss calls me into his office and his screen says the USB mass storage device was removed with out ejecting it (he has Windows 2000) and I have no keyboard, no mouse only the monitor still seems to be functioning properly. Plus the docking station Power LED is no longer lit. I try making sure all the cables are still plugged in properly and they are. I unplug the power cable for docking station and plug it in to different power strip still nothing.
I took the laptop out of the docking station and shut it down, replaced it in the docking station and now can not get anything to power up.
Any suggestions...this one has me frustrated!:upset:
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Theres no power to the laptop even when its plugged into the wall directly.. no docking station?
If I plug the laptop into the wall directly it works like a champ.
But the boss does not like it setup that way so I have to get it working again in the docking station and I am stumped again
I would say it sounds like a bad docking station then , but your boss would probably shoot you if you gave him that excuse...again :)

I'll check around and see what I can find.

What type of laptop & docking station is it?
It is a Compaq laptop and docking station.
Thanks again for your help Tech.
I was thinking a bad docking station but it is just so hard to believe it went bad sometime between 8am this morning and 2:30pm this afternoon. That just seems really odd to me. And for two to go bad with in 7days, it seems like something would have to be effecting them.
I really appricate you checking in to this! :D
Check the connector on the laptop that connects to the docking station. Is the connector damaged? Check for broken/bent pins or metal contacts.
In quick check of the back of the laptop I see no broken pins or metal connectors. I will do a more extensive check after my boss leaves for the day or before he comes in. On a side note when it stopped working in the first docking station it had been in the docking station with out being removed for almost a month.
Slightly related to the subject

W2K dell laptop...I was working on a clients computer showing him how to select multiple items...I push the shift button and...NOTHING:upset: the whloe system goes dead...can reboot...wouldnt belive it if I didnt see after trying all the obvious -remove battery, try new battery, recharge battery, use power cord to surge strip, power outlet ...NOTHING it is dead...client is about a week old and the boss is ready to kill me...I called Dell and the girls suggestions is.............Tighten the screws on the back:confused: ...I asked her how tight and she said cran them down --I am a IBM certified tech...we are told to tighten them and thats it....she says crank them till they dont go any I do...guess what....

The system Booted fine....

Had to give the backround because if I just told you to tighten the screws you would of laughed at me (well alot more then now)

Check the SCREWs???
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