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Wheel Mouse Problem

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A couple users are having trouble with the scroll button on their mice. The problem is they are MS Access database users and are always inputting various data in various fields (with drop down menu's etc) and the wheel mouse is not functioning as it should. It seems that since some important upgrades were performed this has started happening (How I really don't know! as they were only MS security patches from the Windows Update site!)

The behaviour is that the mouse wheel doesn't scroll properly, when in the database it moves from one screen or record to the next instead of up and down (as it should)

So far i've tried multiple ways to fix this ranging from re-installing mouse software and drivers to disabling the wheel mouse function all together (which still does not take effect in Access!) This is a very annoying little problem and it has me stumped :4-dontkno

Anyone seen anything like this before and can put me out of my misery? :laugh:
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Any idea's folks? :sayno:
I know nothing about this, however, here are some references I found that inhibit the wheel mouse, so I assume MS may have determined the wheel mouse was a problem with Access and "fixed" it. Does the wheel mouse work properly on other programs?

This does not answer your question, but may give you some ideas.

Good luck.

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I am having the same problems every sinice i patched also. I see the problem in IE6 and File Expoler also. No fix yet. Are best bet is to keep getting the updates fromMS and maybe they will fix it as i have seen many people report this problem.
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