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what's up with the whine sound?

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I just got the GeForce 4 64MB of SDRAM, PCI Version, and i'm and ever since i put it into my machine my speakers are giving off a whining sound. It hasn't done this before. I have a funny feelin it has somethin to do with the video card. But it's like a low whine. Anybody have a similar problem? I did test a pair of headphones and the low whine can still be heard. Before i rip anything apart, i like to hear some opinions first. Thank You! The card works great, just if i can find out to get of this low whine through my speakers.
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Hello El Paso,

I think I might know the answer to your problem, and luckily for you, you won't have to rip anything apart. To see if the problem is what I think it is, double click on the little yellow speaker icon in the system tray, and look under 'Video' (if it exists). If it does exist, check the mute box and see if that fixes the problem.

Hope this helps
My video volume level is already muted. It doesn't seem to make much of a difference. I'm actually starting to get use to it with the fans i got in my machine going, making similar noises, i actually can't tell which is which! I notice sometimes when i run certain games you can hear the noise become like high-pitched during loading a game and then go back to that low whining sound again.

what do you mean<My video volume level is already muted>>
OOWWW never mind I see that know I want to know what its for??

mute the pc speaker if not already.

Do you use usb speakers by chance?
Is the sound card another pci device?

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