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what's the difference

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what is the difference between DDR SD RAM & DDR RAM.BUYING MEMORY NOT SURE WHAT MINE IS plz HELP :cry:
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Download the zip, unzip it, run cpuz.exe, click on memory and tell us what the type says. DDR is much faster, the bus for those run at 266Mhz, 333Mhz or 400 Mhz, SDRAM runs at 100Mhz or 133Mhz, DDR2 RAM runs at 544Mhz or 667Mhz.

Also in CPUZ click on the SPD tab and see what the max bandwidth is. This will also tell us what kind of DDR RAM you are you using.

I hope this helps.
Also Is There Any Way Without Opening My Tower A Way Of Finding Out Size Of My Hard Drive;;;system Info Tells Me Its A Adm Duron 1.000mhz 240 Ram
Right Ive Unzipped And Ran It .in Memory It Said Type ?its Blank Size 240mbytes
To figure out the size of your hard-drive, open up my computer, Right click on the C: drive and go to properties, it will show you how big your hard drive is and how much of it is being used. This info can be wrong if you have partitioned your hard drive into 2,3,4 et... drives.

About the memory, how old is this computer you are on? Did you check the SPD tab in CPU-Z
total size spd module size 128Mbytes.

You will see a real big perfomrance boost if you upgrade to 512mb memory / check on ebay you could find some used memory from someones system upgrade for dirt cheap.

PS <<< Nice job PHUBEONE


ime not sure what to buy i know its DDR but they varie like DDR 2600 .2300 .2100 WHATS THIS NUMBER
Well...PC2100 = 266mhz, PC2700 = 333mhz, and PC3200 = 400mhz would depend on what speed your motherboard supports, using CPU-Z find out what is currently installed, (it will also tell you what mobo you have) and purchase based on that info.
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