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what's the difference between these 2 dvd+r bundles?

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Basically I want to know if there are any difference judging by the quality of a dvd+r based on which company made them. For example, are Sony dvd+r better than the manafucturer Staples? Because in their site (, they are selling sony dvd+r 25/pack for $9 each and Staples dvd+r 50/pack for $12 each. So i'm planning to buy 100 dvd+r which if I buy the sony one, I'm going to buy 4 packs and if I go with the staples one, I'm just going to buy 2 packs. So my question is that if Sony burns more better and doesn't have too much faulty dvds (where when you're burning something, it gives you an error and so that dvd is wasted) than Staples does?

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Yes, in a way at least, as with all things there are always good and bad products, if your looking for a good cheap brand then Data Safe are very good usually, as are Infiniti and Verbatim, but steer clear of cheap no name brands, they often have issues with some hardware, another thing to mention is - format is more widely usable, + format tends to not like a lot more players than - do, so unless you need\want + format for some reason I suggest going with the - format.
TBH I don't know, they are certainly a big company, and hopefully it would be good media, but as I've never tried it or heard of anyone who has it would not be fair for me to say one way or the other, I can't view that link as it requires a zip code and I'm UK, but do they show any feedback from other users ? might give you some kind of guide, maybe someone who has used them can say more on them, not the answer you hoped for but it's the fairest one I can give, hope it helps a bit anyway.
for the zip code, I live in the NJ area, and in 07305 zip code. You can try entering that on the zip to view it.

oh and there isn't no reviews in that page for the product
Well the good news is they have the same offer for the - media >>>Here<<< I guess your after the flash drive ? lol why not if you can get extra for your money go for it, but unfortunately no user reviews there so I know the same as I did before really, but I have tried searching for you and the vast majority of reports said they were good, so it looks like you should be fine, I still suggest the - format I gave in this reply though, the + format has a lot more problems for some people, but while looking I came across the following info incase it helps.
They are made by CMC which also makes DVDs for Verbatim
thank you for ur help 8219guy. I usually buy the +format becuase last year my HS computer teacher said that for watch burn movies in a dvd player, it's best to have the + format, or I think that's what he said... lol
Well all I can tell you is if you look around at comments you will find those that are having problems with their burning\playing is down to finiky + format, they are just more fussy about what they will work in and as a result create more problems than the - format, but saying that many probably use the + format without a problem, so the choice is yours, hope you enjoy your new toy lol.
I read some time ago that the country of origin is more important than the brand and that is due to both quality of the manufacturing process as well as on the raw materials that are used for the disk. At the time I looked into it and found one brand of disks were made in three different countries. At that time, generally, the better disks were made in Japan. cd/dvd media
Basically Taio Yuden makes the best media around, and its not much more expensive than cheap generic media (around 31 to 33 cents per disk), The second best brand would be Verbatim. Most other rebranded media comes from a bunch of sources Memorex, TDK, HP, Staples, Ritek etc all buy media in bulk and then rebrand them. Its hit or miss wheather the media is actually any good. Buying Taio Yuden (who is also the mfg and inventor of the cd) pretty much guarrentee's that you have the best media you can find. Newegg carries some, and Supermediastore caries them as well. It also helps to keep your cdrw and dvdrw firmware up to date to take advantage to added media codes in the upgrades for best burn results.
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