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Whats Best to do

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Hi everyone need some advice here on how to configure my hard drives for best proformance.
I'm currently in the process of building a desktop, and was wondering if i should run a master and slave with an 80Gb and a 40Gb hard drive. From previous exprience with the first PC that i build when i use more than one drive it then to slow down the computer. So i was wondering if to use the 80gb and do a partition or use them both. I'm a Dj so i have lots of music to back up and store so i was going to use the 40Gb as boot drive and the 80Gb for music and to do back ups. so can anyone please advice me. Another thing that i can do is to let the second hard drive be attach to the cd-rom drive and leave the primary ide for the master drive alone. not sure if that would help but its just suggestion.
if need i can give the spec's for the motherboard and all the other devices i would be using, I would like some advice on how to best configure my drives for the best proformance. I also have a cd-rom and a dvd burner to put in, well so some advice can be given on that to.

thank you
very much
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what speeds are they running at ? running two drives shouldnt slow down the computer .... just make sure u defragment enough

id run the 40 gig for the OS put a 10gig OS partition 30 gig for backup and the 80gig for music or switch the backup and music around
In that situation, I would put XP and all your Music on the 80 GB drive, and use the 40 GB as backup. If you need more space, I would purchase a small hard drive (like 60 GB) and put XP on the 40 GB, your music on the 60 GB, and use the 80 GB for backups.

If I were in your situation, I would purchase a 36 GB Raptor (if you have a SATA connector on your motherboard, if not, pick up a 40 GB IDE) and put XP on that. I would then put all the music on the 40 GB drive and use that only for music and documents. Then, Partition the 80 GB drive into two 40 GB partitions, one as backup for each drive.
Yes Guys thank you so far. Before i was using and AMD 750MHZ processor. but i recently purchase a Biostar P4M80-M4 maimboard and i have a P4 1.6 intel processor. Also have ddr-512 memory so the system i'm putting together be much much faster. I really like the idea of putting the OS on the 40Gb and using the 80gb to store my music. Refering to Fraggs also like the idea of partitioning the 40gb but althought i know 10gb is more than enough for xp was looking at the other additional softwares the i would be installing with the 10gb the will all fit but i would have to be defraging alot. so what you think about splitting it 20-20and use the other 20gb to run backups.
re: whats best

for now i'm sticking to the idea of putting the OS on the 40gb
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