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Whats a good list of programs/apps to make my computer faster/organized/less errored

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I am curious, also if there is another thread about this please let me know.
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Google is your friend.
Too many to list, but DO NOT use a registry cleaner/optimizer or whatever they want to call it today. They can cause much more harm than good.

For cleaning, it depends on what you need to clean. If it's viruses, then you need a good antivirus program (Free versions of Avast or Avira are fine) and a good antimalware program like Malwarebytes or Superantispyware. I prefer Malwarebytes.

For general cleaning, start by right clicking on your hard drive under My Computer and selecting Properties. Click on Disk Cleanup. CCleaner is also good for cleanup, but DO NOT use it's registry cleaner. It has also been known to cause problems in Firefox, so, if you are using FF, uncheck the options to clean it.

Organizing is up to you. Take some time, create some folders and start organizing your files. Organizing is really such a personal thing that I wouldn't trust a program to put things where they would make sense to me.
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Here is a good article on speeding up your computer.

Is your PC running slow...?
In addition to registry cleaners you should also avoid any program that claims to improve memory management. They are not beneficial and are usually worse than useless.
Yes, avoid any memory/register cleaners, they ruined my last computer.
ccleaner is pretty popular but I prefer only clean my pc not registry.
There are tons of speedup-tune up utilities.
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