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What to do after reformat?

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Can someone tell me exactly wat to do in order after i reformat?

Like do i need to install the bios first? or do i need to install the chipset..

What do i need to install? what is necessary.. and if i dont follow the other will their be problems??

thnks.. in advanced.
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You need (only) to install the operating system.
You will need the motherboard disk for the chip set drivers, after you install your xp op system. That is assuming you are not using a sata hard drive.
what happens if i dont install a chipset driver?

and does it have to be installed right after the reformatting or can it be installed at any time because currently i cant install it... thnks in advanced

Hard Drive (if any)
Video Card
Optical Drives (CD/DVD)

Then install Anti-Virus, then Firewall.

Then Windows update.
what happens if i dont install a chipset driver?
Windows has a base set of drivers to install the OS. These drivers are enough make the OS work. After you install the OS, you should install the chipset drivers. This will optimize the PCI bus, memory bus, drive controllers, etc. to work with your OS.
i tried installing the chipset now but it says "requires a supported chipset platform running on a supported operating system" does that mean its too late???
Actually that means you are trying to install the incorrect one. Do you have the motherboard brand, model and the OS you are running? We might be a ble to find the correct one for you.
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