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What to Charge?

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I need some help from you Web Designers out there. I have a friend who wants me to design her Web site and wants to pay me. I have designed a few Web sites but have never charged any one (you know family and school instructors). What is a reasonable rate to charge someone when you are not a pro?
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id say 25$-50$ is a fair price. i know of a friend whos pro and he charges around 500$ per site.
A flat rate for the entire site is generally the easiest way to price a website. However, you must be fairly accurate in your estimation about how long it will take to complete. There is nothing worse than having a project go over budget (no matter how small the project) and not being compensated for it.

Start by seeing how many pages she wants. Ask if she already has a logo done, or will you have to spend the time to come up with an appropriate logo.
VW hit this one pretty well, but here's another comment anyway. As an amateur, two big things to consider...

is the amount that you're quoting worth the amount of time that will be spent?

Is the price reasonable for the amount of experience/knowledge you have?

25 to 50 dollars is a kind range, and you most certainly wouldn't be taking advantage of your friend for that cost.
I appreciate y’alls input. The Web site will be simple with 3 to 5 pages. My friend is a photographer. She will provide the images and already has a logo. What she is looking for is basically a small art gallery to show off what she can offer and a contact / order page. I don’t believe it will take more that a couple of hours planning and a couple of hours creating then what ever time it takes to tweak it.
Well, I'm currently employed developing a website for an international company and I'm only getting paid $15/hr ($13.30 USD).

But if I were freelancing for someone else, I would charge a tarif of $250 and an additional $25-$100 per page, depending on its complexity and time consumption.
$250 is a bit extreme. If it takes you less than half a day, being the generous person I am, I would only charge 20 or 30 bucks.

I have a client who offers freelance graphic and webdesign. Her hourly rate is $40/hour.

Personally, I think she is on the low side for the quality of her work, but I think she is looking at growing her business and competing on price.

Good luck.

I charge 20 bucks a page, or 20 an hour.. whichever is greater.. It's all on the side because I hate doing it.
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