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It would seem that my machine has a ghost living inside it... :confused:

Recently I overheated my CPU (AMD Athlon 1.2) and damaged my motherboard. I soon went out to by some replacement goodies which turned out to be an AthlonXP 1.8Ghz and a shuttle mainboard. After installing all of this into my case and putting it all back together again I found that the PC wasn't posting ANYTHING to the screen!

I went around to my mates place and grabbed his Video card and RAM which I knew were working; the result was the same.

I began to think it could be the power supply because some drives were getting power and some weren't, so I replaced that, STILL NOTHING!

I took my RAM and HDD around to my mates place and discovered both were working, although there was an error message when the hard drive was used: Blue screen about windows detecting a problem and that it was going to shut down, I figured this could be just some XP thing due to the fact it was in a completely different PC.

So now (as far as I know) everything works but it still won't post anything to the screen (the monitor has also been checked and works perfectly on my laptop).

The only strange thing is that the HDD LED stays on when any of my drives are plugged in to the Motherboard. :confused:

I'm pretty sure that's everything... :|

Oh well, ANY suggestions welcome... Please help!!! :(
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