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What kind of CPU should I get?

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I am currently running an AMD athlon dual core 2.8Ghz processor and it's a good processor but I need a better one and I am having trouble deciding on what to buy. I do have a Mb that can support up to an AMD quad core and a 450watt PSU.

basically I need a processor that can run steam,xfire,ventrilo and teamspeak in the background while I am running a game like Cod4,css,or some other type of FPS game. I like to minimize my games a lot and open a web browser and surf with about 5-6 tabs open. I have been thinking about either upgrading to a Triple or Quad Core but I am not really sure what will benefit me more. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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buy a new motherboard if you're gonna do that. and if ur gonna stick with AMD, id check out the new 6 core. a little pricey, but WORTH IT. a buddy of mine build an AMD gaming system using it. 6 core, 16Gb ram, 1GB video card (i THINK its 1GB, i could be wrong) in SLI along with another card of the same type, and that thing flies! plays left 4 dead 2 at max resolution max detail everything at around 80fps. never a glitch.
oh ya... stay away from processor/motherboard combos... i learned that the hard way... 64 bit processor limited by the motherboard, which only supports 2GB ram. grrr.
Yea thats what I bought is a motherboard/Cpu combo but I was carefully to find a motherboard that can handle up to an AMD Quad core which in all fairness your buddy is never going to use that full 6 core CPU. I mean I can run everything I need to run while playing a decent graphic intense game with my dual core almost no problem. The reason I want a better processor is because it does kinda get laggy and slow when I am doing doing a decent amount of stuff. I may even need more ram, I am only running 2Gb ddr2 667. I mean if I had the money I would be running the top of the line I7 over clocked with triple sli and 8Gb of DDr3 but I am broke so.. lol so more power to your friend.
Without knowing your specs, I'ld suggest replacing your 450w ps with something beefier and then start looking for a higher performance graphics card.

Please post your component specs here including brand and model numbers: motherboard, cpu, graphics, power supply. With that information in hand, we can suggest your best choices for upgrades (from a cost / performance standpoint)
agreed. 450 is crap and if yoru an avid gamer chances are your running a good graphics card and underpowering it by running a cheap and nasty psu
If the PC is an OEM unit (Dell-HP-etc.), contact the manufacturer for info on what CPU is/is not compatible.
Now it's not Oem. I am running

Nvidia 8800gt
450 watt psu
2Gb of DDr2 667 ram
Amd Dual Core 2.7GHz

I personally don't think I am under powering my card. I am play games better then people running higher cards then me most of them time or even some cards running sli.
yes you are underpowering your card a PCIe card that has the power of an 8800GT

8800GT is a 110 watter and draws everything (almost 10 amps) from the +12V rail of power supply. Get a 500 - 550W power supply with at least 18 amps on +12 V1DC since other devices (HDD, CD/DVD, fans) will also draw from that rail. Processor voltage regulator circuit draws from +12 V2DC.

450W power supplies may only have 14 amps on +12 V1DC rail. It could run hot or be overloaded by the 8800GT and other devices drawing on that power rail.

you will most certainley because damage to either your graphics card or other components or everything running it on a 450w.

What is the make of psu

sli is a waste of time.
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