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what is this missing dll file?

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I'm trying to figure out this dll file that's pops up everytime I boot. It's ntiutl32.dll and syssrvc.dll. Microsoft website doesn't have a culo about this. Somebody enlightened me.
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These files are for a cannon printer. Try removing and reinstalling the drivers and any related software.
If you can't get rid of the messages and you don't have the printer anymore; I think we can simply delete the registry references and re-boot. Would dat work, Tech?
yep,... got to love the regedit :). The only true way to get "under the hood." :D

You might also try (if you don't want to get your hands dirty and go into the registry) using MSconfig, you may be able to find and unchecked the offending files, or guess on what process is calling them.
I'ved tried all of the above mentioned but nada. I'ved tried to uninstall the freak before the steps mentioned and afterwards, but it keeps popping up 'failed to load dll' I can't reinstall it cuz it stubborn to recognize the printer. What did I do wrong?
Ok, so you tried Msconfig and couldn't find it?

If so fire up regedit.exe and look for the key below, see if any references are being made to the errant .dll files, (hopefully we wont have to resort to searching through the hole registry)


Post back and let me know if you can find them in the above location.

** Standard Disclaimer **
The use of regedit.exe should only be attempted by someone with suitable level computer skill, improper modification of your Windows Registry could result in wide scale failures and ultimately turn your system into a paperweight. TheTechIsIn will not be held responsible for registry damages as a result of improper modifications. :D Just want to cover myself..dont want anyone coming to Dallas to break things I may need. :no:
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This morning I'd managed to accomplish of removing the pop up dll error. Now I'm trying to uninstall the stubborn bull. Keep on getting the failed to load dll
Hey Tech,

I'ved check the path, what should I be looking for? There's nothing under that path that looks suspicious except HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr
entVersion\Run- ?
When you click on the last part of the key "Run" over to the right it will display a list of things set to load on startup, see if any of those dll files are listed and if so delete them.
Done it still couldn't removed the *****!
It must be hiding out in other places as well, :(

Go back into regedit and goto Edit > Find

type in the name of the first .dll file thats causing the problem, it will search the hole registry for a match, delete any references you find of it, to the right of the regedit screen, do not delete the keys its found in (to the left)

Remember to search the hole registry after each find hit F3 until it states the hole registry has been searched.

Do this for the other file as well and let me know how it goes.
I'ved search the registry and deleted the neccessary files, still stubborn like mule. Wouldn't allow me to uninstall it.
:eek: If its still popping up on Windows load it MUST still be in the registry somewhere...I hate programs that refuse to leave..
Is there any good uninstall programs that'll bomb the crap out of it?
Hi, Just a suggestion - Download Registrar Lite. It will find all references to a given file and let you dump all at once. Just be careful what you dump.

Good Luck, Jim
Have you tired uninstalling in Safe Mode?
Is the related program still listed in the Add/Remove Program Files?
hi, are the dates wrong or is someone responding to a post that is over 4 years old?

Looks like Jlp1928 brought this out of the archives, sorry missed that. Good observation sidecar.
Hi All, Oops! I never dreamed that a forum as good as this one would have an old item on the first or second page. I do note that I'm not the only one that doesn't pay attention to dates.

No biggy, this forum is not a s busy as the XP forum so it has stayed on the top page :rolleyes:
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