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Hi everyone,

I live in the mountains and the only internet I could get was Wildblue satelite high speed internet. I tried to set up T Mobile voip home phone service but there is latency due to the satelite internet feed. I could hear the callers great but they could not hear me clearly.

So I took it back and bought their new Samsung WiFi phone (Katalyst) and their hotspot at home account. When I search for available networks it finds my home router and connects to it. I get a strong signal and the cell phone says its connected but as soon as I call someone the signal drops and switches over to a regular cell signal (drops the wifi signal).

I've tried several routers from Linksys & Netgear (Inc, T mobile's Linksys, the new Dual band N from Linksys and even their $210 small business gigabit n with vpn, as well as netgears rangemax dual band n). The Linksys dual band stayed connected but the people I call say my voice drops in and out.

Can satelite internet acheive this phone usage? Is there a better wifi or voip router that can help me overcome this issue? Connected to the internet at 100 mbps.

Thanks for any help.
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