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What do you think about the virtual system for secutiry?

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I'm asking a question that's way above my understanding of security, so forgive the details if I'm not getting it right. But basically the question is this : What do you think about this option for computer security?

It's a link to Returnil Virtual System on the website titled, so it's a safe site. I mainly use my home computer for surfing, word processing, and games. I have about 30-40GBs free space left on each hard drive (I have two HDs). I have 2GBs memory. Given these specs would this option work? It says on the site that it will not affect computer performance. And more importantly what's your general opinion about this type of software? The user reviews on the site are short and look kinda bogus to me.

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System Requirements:

System Requirements

Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® XP/ 2003 Server/ Vista 32-bit

Processor by OS:
XP: 300 MHz
2003 Server: 750 MHz
Vista: 800 MHz

Memory by OS:
XP: 128 MB
2003 Server: 128 MB
Vista: 512 MB

Hard Disk: 25 MB free HDD space (minimal configuration)
Seems like with your specs it would be fine.

This is a legit application. The thing to remember is that while the system is virtualized, upon reboot, all will be as before unless you make other provisions.

Our friends at CastleCops are hosting a Returnil forum.
I've run Returnil on a Vista machine with 2GB ram and an XP machine with 512MB (with shared graphics), and it didn't make a scrap of difference to the performance.
Keep in mind though, Returnil is not a program that should be running all the time.
When you are working locally, ie not on the internet then you shouldn't need to use Returnil (unless you are trying a program that you may not want to keep.)

Remember, if Returnil is active then ALL changes to the protected drives are lost on reboot.
That includes updates to any programs or OS updates, or files/folders saved.

As an extra layer of defence when surfing the net, then Returnil is a great idea, but it shouldn't replace your Antivirus or Antispyware applications.
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