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Does anyone know where my friend can find this driver?
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What is the driver for? I tried looking it up, and I got results that suggest it is for WinGate, and all of my missing *.dll sources have never heard of it, so if you know what software it is for it'd be easier to find it that way.
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How can I find out what it's for? You see, she's trying to use her mic and we can't talk. All of a sudden this prompt came up and told her about the driver and there was something wrong with must be for her sound...but I don't know where or how to find out what the manufacturer of it would be. Is there a way to find out why her mic isn't working...she can hear me speaking to her with no problems.

Thanks for the kind welcome:winkgrin:
Okay... lemme make sure I am getting all of this:

She is running WinME
Her mic isn't working, and brought up a message for Wglsp.dll
can hear you just fine

It sounds like it could be a few things, depending on the software, it could be a bad *.dll considering that the only reference I've seen for it wsa wingate, that sort of fits with the fact it's internet chat, or it could be completely unrelated, and it's just the Mic is incorrectly set up.... to be sure which one it is... what software are you using to talk? Does the mic work for anything else? Windows sound recorder
Start ->Programs -> Accessories -> Entertainment. If it works there, it's probably just the software, and she sould re-install, if not check back, I have a few more ideas. We'll get this taken care of.
Great!! Thanks Valient...I'm going to copy & paste your post...tell her about this site, I think it'd be a great learning tool for anyone :)

Thanks and I'm sure she'll follow your instructions. I'll have to get back with you tomorrow since she lives in Dubai... haha ;)

Thanks alot for your help!:D
You should give her your referral number... it may mean prizes later :D You can find it in your profile
Ooops spelled your name wrong ...hate when I do that! :)

Thanks...I'll look into it :)
Spread the word!!! Catarina sounds cute
Hi!! Yes, she did try that and the mic works...but here we are trying to converse and we can't .. :( Darn!

BTW :) Thanks! If you want to see have to join my site! haha:D
Okay, so the mic works with sound recorder, but doesn't work when your trying to talk? That leads me to believe its the software.... what program are you using? It doesn't really matter that much what program, but I'd find the folder for the program, and copy all of the personal files out of it ( ie: Yahoo has a file that stores all of your friends names, ect.) Then I'd reinstall the program, let us know what happens with that... BTW the joke was really pretty good, i'm not sure if everyone is going to catch on though ;)
Okay sweets, here's the downlo on what she's telling me ...when she bought the mic...she didn't have software that came with be honest, neither did, I'm a little confused too...can you elaborate on the folder thing...I do understand how to copy a folder, but I'm not sure what I'm going to tell her to copy and where to put it..sorry if I sound a bit dense :confused:

Darn :confused:
Most mics don't come with software, so don't feel bad. But what software are you using to chat, and I can give you a better idea on what you need to copy. You don't sound dense at all :) Its understandable. It you want to be safe, just make a copy of the entire folder ( program and all) and uninstall then reinstall. That SHOULD take care of it if it's a software thing. Let me know how that goes, and if that doesn't take care of it, we'll keep trying :winking:
She's using MSN... ;) Yippee Getting to the bottom of things ;)

I fixed my applet today!! I'm stoked about the whole day going so well ;)
okay... I know nothing about MSN, so the best bet would just be make a copy( not shortcut, make sure.. I did that once...:()of the entire folder, uninstall, and reinstall. I'm at work otherwise I'd install MSN and tell you what folders have what in them, so unless so one else decides to help *ahem* *grrrmmm" excuse me I must be getting sick or something:winkgrin: I'll tell you what to copy when I get home. But some keywprds to look for would be profile, user, preferences, stuff like that. Let me know if that solves the *.dll error, otherwise I might have to invent some other ideas. Good luck, it must stink being the go between when it comes to tech support. It sounds like your doin great though.
That's a brilliant idea and don't ask me why (dumb dumb here) didn't think of it! JEESH! I'm so dense! haha :)

Well, sbe's doing that now and if you want to peek at myapplet, I'd be so thrilled...oh, but you can't go to my site :( It's MBA, but you can see the other stuff...if ya like's a bump applet..I put two seconds on the parameter that makes the light stop moving once you place your cursor over it...I should make it less...hmmm?? DOH! here's the site :)

The Cat Arena :D
Now who's the dumb dumb?

The applet looks great... it is very shiny( you really must have feline affinity) The spot light effect is cool. What's MBA??? ( member based access????) I'm a little rusty on my web dev acronyms... :D But good job on the applet.
Welcome to the WinGate Internet Client for WinGate 4.0.1
by Qbik New Zealand Limited.

Congratulations on installing the WinGate Internet Client.
We hope that the installation was easy, and that you like the software.

Please note the changes from previous versions included
at the end of this file.


1. Files installed
2. Applications
3. Change history

1. Files Installed by the Setup program
WGLSP.dll Layered Service Provider
wgclient.cpl Control Panel Applet
wgclient.hlp WinGate Client Help file
wgclient.cnt WinGate Client Help Contents
wingate3.hlp WinGate server help
readme.txt This file
licence.txt WinGate Licence Agreement
wgrc.exe Utility for removing LSP
unwise32.exe Uninstalling utility
install.log Used for uninstalling
wgclins.dll Utility dLL
sporder.dl Utility dll
wgsrvins.dll Utility dll

These files are located in either the system (95 and 98) or
system32 (NT) directory or the WGIC directory. Do not edit
or delete any of these files as their location and integrity
is essential to the working of the Wingate client.

2. Applications
Most applications will operate with the WGIC without any
modification. Use the default internet settings for each
app (directly connected) to make use of the WGIC.

Some apps need to be handled differently and this is
covered in the help file.

3. Change history
See the WinGate Changes history under WinGate info on the start menu.
See less See more
Look here

You may be able to download and get the DLL file from the program....:winkgrin:
yay! I was hoping you had a point to that other post, because I found the same thing when I did a google search.... I didn't find the link to the program though, but if she is running MSN, and MSN is the problem, reinstalling it should almost guarantee the problem is gone. Plus why is MSN using wingate .dlls for speech?? I guess thats microsoft! :)
Download WinGate v4.5.1 (new installation)
This download will provide you with a fully functional 30-day trial, along with a trial key. To purchase WinGate and receive a registered key, please click the Buy Now button located on the top right of any WinGate web page. For setup guides click here

I don't get it?

Is this the right link? KInda strange 'eh...very strange! haha I, nor anyone I talk with via mic pays for this....

Thank you for your kind reply though. I'm not ungrateful at all, I just don't understand.
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