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wget to access my credit card online

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I am interested in making wget do a slightly more involved function. I have downloaded it, built it (1.12) and it works perfectly right out of the box.

I would like to have it login to my https website, give my user id, my password and "select NEXT-SCREEN label=Account Activity", then capture the account activity that returns.

I got these three values in my firefox Selenium script that runs perfectly time after time. But I can't get the Selenium/Firefox to capture the return data. Neither can I get Firefox with maximum logging, to give me the screen/desired account data.

I will happily take gobs of data back, grep, cut and sed it into shape.

My big picture goal, is to be able, on a crontab, to dump my account activity every night at midnight.

Wget is svelte, quick and super at grabbing screens of data. I just don't know how to control it with HTTPS, login/password and some minimul navigation.

I am not married to this idea if anyone has a better or different, or even amazingly convoluted route.

Thanks, Bradshaw (K1TE) :pray:
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wget is available on most linux distributions without compiling from source.

When you compiled wget what configure options did you use?
If you compiled without SSL support then this is why it fails to grab your page.

The other reason is that even if it did grab the data https are encrypted pages
and you may only see garbage.
Thank you for your suggestions. Actually the elegant solution is iMacros which does the trick for https credit card access and screen scraping extraction. I have a utility now, that runs every night at 4:30AM and grabs my credit card activity of the last day. I don't trust banks, credit cards, and many other people places and things. It is nice to get a daily reminder and watch for fraud or errors to appear in near real time. Email me and the imacros script is yours (minus my user id and password! I don't trust you!):wave:
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