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Several months back, my dad was trying to transfer his number to a new carrier. After 2 weeks of the old carrier being unhelpful, he just got a new number. He had a brand new unlocked phone and a new simcard. The old simcard was never inserted into the new phone. Myself, one brother, and our mother all use the same service (the one my father left) while another brother uses a service other than either than the other four phones use. When my father texts any of the three of us on the same service (his old service with a completely unrelated number and simcard), the text appears to arrive from his old number. My mom and I can reply to his old number and it will arrive in his new phone, while the brother using the same service as us sends to the old number and they never arrive on the new phone. The other brother on the third service receives texts showing from the new (correct) number. Any attempt to call the old number goes straight to voicemail from any of the phones. The old number is still active as it was on a prepaid yearly plan that doesn't expire until March of next year. Has anyone ever run into this or know of a way to fix it?
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