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Weird split second freezes

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Ok, here's the scoop, My computer was bought about in 2002, I recently added a stick of 512MB Ram (Had a 256 in there already) Making it 768MB RAM. I like to listen to music so Windows Media Player is open 75% of the time I'm on my computer. It occured about a couple months ago: My mouse freezes for about half a second every 1.5-2 seconds. I don't know why it does this, I mean it doesn't hurt much but it's pretty annoying... If I slowly drag my mouse across the mouse pad... My cursor on the monitor seems like it "sticks" sometimes to the screen :dead: . Here's another thing that happened at the same time that never used to happen before: Everytime I open up a program (Say MSN or Firefox or MS Excel or anything really) my music starts to bug as if IT freezes aswell, and that lasts for about 5 seconds, (or depending on how big the program is) and resumes to it's normal state. I know it doesn't sound like much, but when you got your music Full Blast and your working out and all of a sudden a friend messages you on MSN then your music just locks up with a continuous loud sound isn't very pleasent. Here are my computer specs, don't know if it would help any but whatever. Btw, It Never Did This To Me Before I Added ANY hardware... And also I DID however add Norton antivirus 2004, but even when I take live protect off it still does it.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

AOpen CustomPC
AMD Athlon XP 1800+
ATI Sapphire Radeon 2550, 256MB
40GB(+/-) Hard drive
768MB Ram.

Many Thanks! -Matt
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welcome to tsf
take out the 256 chip and check it
post back
Hmm, it's the same piece of hardware that's been in there for a while and it hasn't done it before, but I will check it, doesn't hurt. Switching it places in my mobo might help?
yes, try the 512 alone first in the first slot.
Ok, I tried putting the 512 in the first slot, and the 256 in the second, no good.
Then I tried the 512 Alone in the first slot...same thing. I really don't think it's the RAM man, since I had this ram for a bit, and when I first put it in, it hasn't done this...However something I should've mentioned... is that I reformatted my computer and I "think" ever since then it's been doing this. (I reformatted cause when I installed SP2, it totally bugged my computer, it was a bad install.) So yeah any other ideas? Could it be norton? I got my latest drivers, so it's not that, but any suggestions would be appreciated and thank you whosdat for your time.

Sorry for the double post, but would formatting my computer again solve my problem? Because I wouldn't mind doing that.
It sounds like your PC can no longer walk and chew bubble gum if you get my meaning. Something is taking up resources or CPU time to the point where the machine stutters.

Check the machine for viruses. Also see if your drivers are all the same ones that you had before the problem started.

Check to see if your Hard disk is full or fragmented. Do a cleanup of old files and defrag the drive.

Turn off the anti virus entirely and see if that is causing the problem. You may have to try a clean install if nothing else works but I would try to find what is taking up so much of the PC's time first.
If you dont mind reformatting again id do it, and dont bother reinstalling Norton, use AVG free or Nod32 and zonealarm instead, norton can cause many problems. Then update drivers and security.
Alright I just defragged it, it helped alot! But didn't solve it 100%, my music still skips a little but only like 5% then what it used too, so it helped majorly, so it doesn't really bother me now, I can live with this little 5%, Thanks everybody for your help!
Glad that its better, if you want i would run scan disk and then run defrag again, this might help the problem more.
Ok, I will do that, Thanks.
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