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Weird random problem

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So I have a similar problem to the guy with XP freezing. I am not sure exactly where his is freezing. Mine is freezing after the XP loading screen. It doesn't even go to the welcome screen. It just stays black no matter how long I leave it. I am currently in safe mode trying to figure out what it is. I ran scans with S&D and Norton. Haven't found anything. This problem is completely random. I mean I recently had a HDD fail on me. And I am using the original HDD now as my master.

What I have is a XP SP2.
P4 2.6 GHz
1 gig ram
Radeon 9250
DVD drive
Some 120 Gig HDD don't remember what brand.
250 watt PSU

The computer is pretty much a stock Compaq computer from a while ago. I don't remember what year I got it. Also when I go into safe mode it says the admin password is different from what it was before I go into the welcome/login screen to choose a user.
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Hi monkey530,

How long is the machine on before the freeze occurs?
I note that you only have a very small Power Supply Unit installed, which is typical for Hp Compaq™.
They manufacture to a price and not performance. :4-thatsba

To prove my point, please use this calculator to determine the proper sized PSU that you need.

Post back with the results.

Kind Regards,
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