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Weird powering problem

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I recently switched all my componments into a new case that i bought and now i am experiencing some weird powering problems. I have hooked up all my cables and when i go and turn on my power supply all my fans and led lights on my mobo power up. However nothing else will. My drives dont boot up even though the HD led light is on. Furthermore my reset and power swtich on the front of my case wont work either.

If anyone knows what is wrong i really need the help. Is annoying having to work off of my roommates computer.


im running an asus a8v deluxe board with an amd 64 3500 cpu. and a 420 watt power supply.
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Try a different Power Supply.
disconnect the reset and power switch from the m/b and touch the 2 pins for the switch with a paper clip and see if it starts normally
Here is a layout of the switch connections for your board. Make sure you short the correct pins. You maybe want to check that you have the switches hooked up correctly.


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Clarify a little more for us. Does the monitor show anything? Are you sure you connected the cables back correctlly from the drive? For example, is the master drive on the end of the cable? Is the slave in the middle connector?
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