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Weird occurance, hdd light flickering wildly while idling..

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So i'm not sure if this is a problem or not, as i'm not entirely sure what is causing it, if it's normal or not, etc. But it's bugging me..

When i close my laptop lid, and the system is idling (supposedly), after a few minutes or so, the hdd light starts to flicker, as if there's alot of activity going on.

This may sound average for any system with default configurations, however, i'm not an average user, and understand quite a bit, which is why this confuses me ~.~;
Here's the confusing part, i have the system configured to do nothing upon laptop lid close, basically, i made sure it was all setup so that when the lid is closed, the system will not go into hibernation, or standby, it'll simply be the same as if the lid were still open.

I've double checked all my settings, so i'm sure it's all still configured properly, this makes no sense. :/

it worries me because i'm not sure if it's a virus, or malfunction.. but here's how it seems to work, when i close the lid, i wait for about a minute, then suddenly the light flickers, but its not perfectly constant, it does stop for a second or so every now and then, but it continues untill i open the lid again, at which point it stops immediately, but nothing is on the screen, except of course what i left on it, taskbar, wallpaper. so i have nothing set to run, and the system is configured specifically to avoid hibernation or standby.

My first thought upon the first time noticing it, was to go into task manager and check all processes ~.~;;
but that yielded no results, i couldn't find a single running process or service, that shouldn't have been running. i also took the time to double check for clones, or similarly named processes that could be hiding viruses. (had the idea of that from an old xp virus which used process names highly similar to system process names, to blend. annoying little devil it was...)

So i'm not really sure what to think of this.. is it possible for a virus to be smart enough that it can stop itself immediately after the lid is opened, and continue upon closing the lid?...
Or, is there something else causing this that i may have overlooked, or simply not thought of yet?

Sorry for the little mini novel on this, just wanted to make sure the details were here and understood properly ~.~;;

Thanks in advance for any information on this, i tried googling it, but that was pretty useless no matter how i worded it..
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Hi do you have your anti virus or malware set to scan when idle ? just a thought
What Is the make of your laptop?
that's the thing.. (i really don't like saying this online) but i'm not using any anti-virus at the moment, because of my twin router behind a modem thing. when i go to sleep at night, (the time i notice the flashy blinky light) i end all programs and leave the system to idle at the desktop. but it seems to happen at any time

also, the basic info of my system is on my profile here, nothing super detailed or anything, but the basics to do a search and get a specsheet without too much trouble. (all integrated parts, non-interchangable)
Hi run a scan with malwarebytes and superantispyware to check for any nasties,so it is connected constantly to the router
one quick question before i do anything big like that (cant believe i didnt think of this before) is it possible that it could be doing it because i have the cpu set to auto-underclock when idle? ~.~;; i totally forgot i had that set, but i'm not sure why it would trigger the hdd light.. so i figure i'll at least ask before i start putting strain on my system for such scans. (it's a business class laptop, tier 1 parts x.x;; )
I would be looking more at things such as indexing
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