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Is your video output set to the monitor's recommended resolution of 1920 x 1080 @ 144 H? Your manual states that the screen may temporarily flicker black while the system adjusts if a non-optimal resolution has been selected.

Unplug your second monitor. Does a single monitor still have this problem?

LG Monitors should be Plug and Play but if they are just being detected by your system as "Generic" then download and install the LG monitor driver for your model.

If none of this helps...

Upon starting your computer immediately press Ctrl-Alt-Del and enter the task manager. If a single monitor flickers black then it's probably a driver issue, if it doesn't then it's likely an application conflict.

Uninstall the video driver and revert back temporarily to the basic Windows driver. If a single monitor no longer flickers black then install an older version of your video driver. If it still flickers then do a clean boot to see if you can find the offending application.

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