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Weird freezing issues

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I JUST installed a watercooling system, about 1 and a half hours ago. and it works fine. That is, except that when I fired it up after a little testing. The system boots up normally, but after about 2 minutes, the system freezes. I tried to re-install XP, but it froze just when the screen popped up. Please help me!
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I am assuming you checked all the connects into your MOBO? A loose connection, or a disconnection would be the first thing to check. Check your HDD and processor first.

Check your RAM and HDD connectors as suggested above. It seems the issue lies there and also check your temperatures and voltages: Sensors View

Your not overlocking are you?
everything is normal. i actually tried to underclock a little just to lower the temps to see if that was the problem, but it wasnt. The ram and the connections are all fine. I went to the Windows Recover Console and performed chkdsk /r, and now its at 51%. I sure hope this works. I went to microsoft's website and they said to either do this, or do another C:\Windows> ______. once this is over, and if it doesnt work, ill do the other one.
You could do that, aswell as a defragment.

So what happened then?

What are your voltages and temperatures BTW?
i really cant defragment. the temps looked reletively normal for what i would expect a watercooling system should be. I now have a new issue with my computer, as it doesn't freeze anymore, but it doesnt even boot up at all.

The problem has changed to a new one, which i mention here:
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