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Weird drive letter assignment.

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Just moments ago finished an XP install on a 20GB harddrive partitioned 2 ways of equal size. This is a routine thing I go through every few months, but this time around my OS partition recieved D:\ while my backup/resevoir partition which was D:\ before, got bumped up to C:\.

It's not a big deal but I like to have familiarity and this is disorienting.

Can I reassign the drive letters somehow?

Thanks in advance,
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Here ya go..............:D


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I'ved tried that before. I get the following message: Windows cannot modify the drive letter of your system volume or boot volume.

Happens for either the OS or backup partition.

You will have to start over and install the O/S on C:.
That's messed up ! I didn't install it on D:\ it just so happened Windows hijacked C:\ and placed my backup partition which was happy on D:

haha, oh well.
When you did the initial installation of XP, it had to be installed on D:, or it would not be functioning there. It may not have been obvious that's what was happening, but there it sits. :)
My suggestion: use Linux instead.:tongue2: I must agree, that is really wierd. Maybe another partition and install might fix it. I dunno.:brush:
Interesting Question

I like your question so I went researching the XP Resource Documentation Kit . . .

Apparently you can do this and it should be easy.

From Start, Run - type diskmgmt.msc (The name of XP's disk management software)

Right click on the drive you want to change, select change drive letter and paths.

If "D" is now your boot volume, you may be in for something a bit more complicated, but I'd suspect you can change E to C, D to C, then E to D.

There are more options in XP Professional than imaginable, but the "Microsoft Windows XP Professional Resource Documentation Kit" has about 30 pages on seting up the disk drive.

The latest version of "Partition Magic" might do the job too.
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Thank you for your time and effort in researching, but I've decided to live with it -- for now. The method you described is no different than accessing the disk mananger via administration tools in control panel. Never much of a skeptic, I tried it out, but as expected I got haulted and couldn't not change either drive assignment or path.
You can't change the drive letter of the boot drive or the current O/S drive. Since the boot files are on C: and the O/S is on D:, you can't change either of those drive letters.
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