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weird cd burner

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my cd burner used to be fine - nothing shattered or anything, its just old i think... but anyway..:bandit:

in 2001 i got a dell, it came with a (8x4x32) cd burner and a floppy drive...
i mentioned in another post that the floppy drive was screwed when i bought it, but i never called dell(i didn't know i had warranty cause nobody tells me anything:no:) and the cd burner was fine. NOW, my cd burner burns only at 4x, so i tried another (8x4x32) from one of my other computers. that one worked fine, i just had to keep it in my other computer (office comp). a dell tech is coming to my house to fix my floppy. do you know what might be wrong with my burner before i ask him to fix it?
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Try a lens cleaner

It could be that a dirty lens is causing the write speed to step down (read failures).
can i use that pressurised air keyboard cleaner and spray it in there? i saw someone say that in another post...
Using canned air

I wouldn't ... A lens cleaner is cheap and they work. Canned air may just blow the dust around, not out.

Either way, if it is still under warranty, have the field tech replace it. You've already proven that it is a device fault by swapping it out.
ill tell dell to bring a cd burner too. maybe i can ask him to get me a faster one since this one is so slow and i always have these people coming to my house!:D

i have mentioned before that a dirty lens is usually the cause of cd drive failures, but i myself dont even waste time witrh a lens cleaning disc, or that canned air S***.

i actually open the drive all the way up, and swab the lens with a clean dry Q-tip.

this always works for me, but i am good with that part of this junk.


Any chance of scratching the lens? I assume not, since you use them.

Hell, another excuse to take something apart is good, too! :)

actually i have been warned at every turn about a cotton q-tip scratching the lens, but i am gentle about it (kinda)

i do this with all optical players whether they be in a pc, or a discman, or my 200$ pioneer home cd changer

i havent killed one yet this way.
i have had times when i couldnt save a drive that way, but i havent ever had on work worse.

(except when i opened a playstation 2, it wasnt the same machine after i reassembled it, as it seems it is made to forget how to play ps2 games and dvd's if you ever open it)

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well, i haven't ever stuck in a q-tip or used lens cleaner or an aerosol can of air, ive never cleaned it ever... maybe its just time to get a newer one anyway since 8x is so slow... :D
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