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Weird booting !

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I got a memory error message but not the first time and it finished dumping physical to drive which well is good. But after i rebooted, my windows boot up screen doesnt show any more. All that comes is the POST and after that a black screen with a half an inch white line at the bottom and doesnt continue to windows.

When i hard reset it form that state it will ask me to select how i want to boot, when i select last setting that was working, it does the thing thats mentioned above. When i click start normally then it boots up, but same screen as above BUT continues to windows.

I ran a scan disc and defragmented but nothing shows or changes. I got the error of the memory error in a log and will try to load that up ASAP

Here are my stats:
Windows XP Pro SP2
AMD Athlon XP 3000+
1gb (2x512) ram
ATI x800XL
1 seagate 120gb (this is the OS drive)
1 westernD 160gb (hooked to an ata controller)

anny suggestions welcome and i will upload the error log

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Ha it gets better :( Now nothing wants to boot ...
a software install of SoftICE trial i think has done something . When its booting it takes for ever and also asks me to skip softice or to use specific options, i will try to play around with those and see if it works.

but please if anyone knows whats going on help !!!
k well softice was the issue, and i was playing around with it a little too much hehe. so now i just formatted my xp install and reinstalling in 30 min. thx for the help if there was ne one that was going to help the problem is resolved

its funny haha everytime i post a problem i update it and get it fixed in like 5 replies of mine but never get a reply from someone else. its a fixing journal ;)

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