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Hi there !
I have an wee problem which start just 1 hour back. I have an notebook in which 98 was preinstalled. I upgrade it to Win Xp pro just few hours back and then changed the FAT, FAT32 to NTFS manually.

For the last few days i noticed that few smart people ascess the notebook thru some media. I unable to detect them inspite of having Nortan Firewall and Norton anti Virus software installed on my notebook.

Through, proper secrutinizing i found that my hard drive C is shared. I removed the sharing and also remove the ascess of "Everyone" and "System". I thought that was the turning point of getting the problem.

When i restart the system, i found myself in the mid of two problem. Here is that..

1) Some paging Error just at the startup of OS.
2) Unable to ascssing my C drive and getting error..

"My Computer: C:\ drive is not ascessible. Ascess is denied "

I thought that i can rectify the same by installing the " Recovery Console of XP" but it vain as when i setup the same, i am getting this error.. No valid System Partition were found, Setup is unable to continue"

Can anyone put some light on it ? How i rectify the problems ?

Though, I explain the things as much as possible. If someone's need more then please let me know...

Any help is deeply appreciated.

With Thanks
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