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I'm not sure where this fits in, as it is a general cry for help by someone who has been told that the issue itself lays with my browser (Internet Explorer). Forgive me if this seems slightly juvenile but real money is being spent on this and it is becoming alarming.

I visit a "pay to play" website named PonyIsland ( It is a virtual pet site devoted to pony-type animals in which you can breed them and contest them against other pony-type animals.

There has been a reoccurring error on the website and when the paying customers complain about it they are told that it is not, in fact, the fault of the website but the blame lies with the browser itself.

It has gotten quite a few of the paying customers on this website irate so I thought it was a good idea to get your ideas/opinions on where the problem may lie.

A bit of an explanation as to the issue:

When your pony-creature goes through a contest they take damage. There is a 'vet' button that you click and theoretically the website processes this, removes the damage done (healing them) and subtracts the costs from your in-game money. The button then disappears because it's task is now complete.

What is happening to quite a few people is that they are clicking this button and it disappears however the 'healing' of the pony-creature and the subtraction of your in-game money does not occur. Players are left thinking that it HAS (as the button then disappears), they enter their pony-creatures in new contests and the pony-creatures die (because they take too much damage).

The programmer on the site claims that it is not, at all, the cause of his programming but rather has suggested that it is because of a miscommunication between the browser and the website based on the browser itself. That somewhere along the line the browser does not submit the request to the websites server.

There is very little communication being done on the part of the programmer as to this problem so I have taken it upon myself to post here (as it has been implied by the Administrator of the website that the browser is at fault) to see peoples opinions on this problem and to ask what could be done (if anything at all) to correct the issue so that the people who participate on this website no longer have to face this issue that seems to be sucking the joy out of the game.

People are paying quite a bit of money (some in the thousands of dollars) to subscribe to this game and we are growing more and more concerned about the fact that this issue seems to be continually appearing.

Any help or suggestions you could give to me that I can pass on would be hugely welcomed. We've no where else to turn.
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