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Webcam Questions

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Soon, I'll have to buy a webcam (& USB headset), but I know nothing about them...never had a reason to use one.

I have to get a USB or Firewire webcam, preferrably Logitech. What's the diff btwn USB & Firewire? What is Firewire anyway? What store(s) have the best prices?

Any & all info you can give will be appreciated!
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Hi -

A Logitech USB device would do just fine. Here is main page -

Firewire (aka IEEE 1394) transfers data faster than USB, but I usually see IEEE 1394 related to external HDDs.

Regards. . .


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Thanks! So is the idea to get a webcam that's as close to my screen resolution as possible? Mine is 1680 X 1050 pixels. Can the webcam be more pixels or mgapixels or will that do no good if my computer doesn't have than amt of pixels/megapixels?

What's a good one to get? I don't want to get the cheapest one, but don't want to pay an arm & leg either.
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