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Webcam not working on Windows 7

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I've recently switched to Windows 7 Home Premium after using XP for a fairly long time.

The webcam is have is the Labtec Webcam Plus which has also been around for a fairly long time. The cam worked perfectly on XP. Windows tells me that "the device is working properly". I cannot view others' webcams neither can they view mine. I see myself on cam but that's not much good.

I also see that Labtec does not provide drivers for Win 7.

please help.
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looks like there isn't a driver for Windows 7 so try the Vista Driver
hi. thanks

i tried that. then i installed the sotware too. maybe I shouldn't have?

I tried that. then I installed the CD. maybe I shouldn't have...
Update the driver to the one on the Web site, that should be newer and will support Vista, 7, the driver on the disc may only be for XP and earlier.
Contact their support if that doesn't work
so should i remove the software?
Leave the software, just update the Driver in the Device Manager. Press the Windows key+R and type devmgmt.msc and press enter. In the Device Manager if there is a yellow mark for the camera, right click it and choose Update Driver, lead it to the downloaded file or run the setup for the downloaded driver.
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