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Web site images not showing

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Hello, everyone! I have Win98. On certain web sites only, none of the images are showing up for me. Just a box with a red x in it. This morning, my "home" board started coming up that way for me. I have tried clearing my cache. Going to Tools>Internet Options>Temporary Internet Files>Settings>Check for newer versions of pages everytime. Neither of those things worked. The only other web page that does that to me is a tupperware site! (Go figure!) The weird thing is that it is not every web site it does that on, just my FAVORITE web site. I asked there and everyone else sees the graphics just fine. :confused: Any ideas for me to try?
BTW, I am sooo untechie, it isn't EVEN funny. So be gentle and use alot of untechie words! :laugh: :laugh:

I just stumbled onto something but I have NO clue what it means. On both web sites where the graphics aren't showing, if I right click on the page, go to Encoding, it is set on US-ACll. If I reset that to Western European the graphics will show up. This only happens on 2 web sites. Up top under View>Encoding, it is set to Western European. Any thoughts?
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Welcome to the forum and sorry for the lag in responses- I think your post got burried by accident.

The default encoding is supposed to be western european.

Could you provide links to at least one of the sites you feel is not working? Sometimes if you link to a picture on another website with yours ( a common practice that I feel is silly but it does cut down on the storage space needed for your web page) and the site you linked to changes folder names or file names or simply goes off line, you will get the red X surrounded by a white rectangle instead of the picture.

You don't seem that un techy, you figured the smiles out and you did get in to internet options and was able to describe it. :D
So far, there are only two sites where none of the images are showing up. and Unfortunately, Joesboard is my "home"! I have done alot of researching on this the last couple of days on Google. So far, it doesn't sound too promising. :no: It seems to have to do with the source code of the web sites having a line like this in them:
<META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" />
I checked and Joesboard has that line in the source code. Usually folks with this problem are running IE 6 but I have IE5.5! Lucky me, huh?! What I cannot figure out, is when I go to Joesboard and get those little x's. I change the encoding to Western European. But the first time I click on a different page like going into one of the forums, I have to do it all over again. Like it just doesn't "stick" What makes everything even stanger, is the fact that it started all of a sudden mid morning with Joesboard. The Tupperware site had been doing that to me for at least a month. I asked Joe if he had done anything that morning and he said no.
I am beginning to wonder if there is a solution to all this! I would just ignore it since it doesn't happen at all web sites but Joesboard has been my "home away from home" for years now!
Well, what do you think? Is this a solvable mystery? :winkgrin:
And, thanks about saying I'm not that un-techie! I guess you live and learn! :D
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Take a look here ..........:winkgrin:

It may have some info for you.
Yep! Did those things. Still x's! :no: I'm telling you, this is a bugger! Nothing seems to work! Even with the Language Encoding Auto-Select enabled, those 2 web sites still try to come up as US-ASCll I changed a couple of my file type settings this morning. I had PSP7 opening the gif and JPEG images. But now they are back to IE opening them and still there is no difference. And I made sure that Show Images was checked under Multimedia. *sigh* Anything else I can try?
Go here and download Java 1.4 SDK for Windows all languages and install it....:winking:
What's bothering me is what happened to make it that way in the first place. Have you updated your virus definitions and did a full system scan lately?
Okay, I am over there downloading now. To show you what a slow connection I have, it is an hour download! Good grief! And no, to virus definitions and scans! A couple of days before it did this, a had an awful time with it. It froze up and when I restarted it, it would load up Windows and then freeze. I could start it in safe mode but nothing else. I restored the previous days registry and everything else I could think of. In the end, I turned it off and unplugged it over night. The next day, it froze up a couple of times but then started acting better. The day it did this encoding stuff, the computer was acting really well except for that!
Thank you so much for your help! I'll let you know what happens when I install that Java.
It sounds like it may need to be recombooberated.

That's one of my tech terms for wiped, fdisked, formatted and A new install of the OS.....:thmbup:
Okay, Speedo, hit me with that one more time. . .but in ENGLISH! :D :D

BTW, I was wrong, the download is gonna take 2 hours and 26 minutes! Good thing I gotta cook supper! :tongue2:
Lets see how the download works before we get into my foolishness....:winkgrin:
:D Sounds good to me! I'll get back with you in a couple of hours! :rolleyes:
I'm not a full time firewall or virus protection user, but it is a good idea to at least have a program to snoop for viri if you are on the internet at all. I got hit a few weeks ago after years of never having a virus at home. When things are giong fine then all of the sudden things get wierd, the first thing I think is virus.
Sorry, I get it now. When you asked about virus definitions, you were asking if I did a virus scan! Yes, after the little x's came up for me at Joesboard, I did a virus scan with AVG Anti-Virus.
And I really hate to say this but the Java didn't help. Well, I can see one graphic, I couldn't before. It is a graphic in a post where it moves across the page. I changed the encoding back to Western European and clicked on a link and it went back to little x's on the next page. Anything else. . .besides that recombooberated thing? That kinda scares me! :reaper: :D
Try this.

Right-click My Computer , and then click Properties .

Click the Performance tab, click Graphics , and then move the Hardware Acceleration slider all the way to the right.

Click OK , and then click Close .

Click Yes when you are prompted to restart your computer.
Is it just me or does AVG just not work?? I have helped a few people here at this board that have had viruses that dont know it until they download Nortan or McAfee, and just today I helped a co-worker with his home system, he had all kinds of viruses that were picked up with McAfee that were not with AVG.

My sugestion is that if Speedo's advice didn't help follow this link and download a trial version of McAfee and do a full system scan with it, and see if you come up with anything.
Okie-dokie! That sure beats doing the scary stuff! :D It's a 2 hour 19 minute download so it's be awhile before I get back to you!
:scared: 2 Hours!!

hmm.. What type of connection to the net do you have (Dial Up Speed)?

Just curious.
Its not you. I also have Avira another freeware antivirus program. I really can't afford this right now. The freeware antivirus/antispyware stuff just doesn't get the job done the same or find as much. You get what you pay for right? I just ran a free scan from Microsoft & it found a few things and 1 on ea. computer that it couldn't clean. I really should've invested in Norton 360 for both my desktop & my laptop. My graphics/html stuff is gone on all the pages in IE & my computers have been weird for a while. My laptop is pretty new & I just reinstalled the operating system at the beginning of the month. I'm just going to have to get an actual pro in to fix it. I have to work on getting some money first. This virus crap is for the birds. I wish I was an IT person sometimes.:upset:
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