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Just a little tip for the future,
if you have enough disk space, get your hands on your win 98 cd and copy the folder win98 to a location on your hard disk.
Now open up the registry by typing regedit in the run command in the start menu. CAREFUL messing with this thing can wreck your windows system. Make a backup first by going to file and export (all) to some folder that it can be restored from if things go wrong. But this change is simple and it will cause no problems.
Work your way through the folders to


Now look down the list on the right pane for one called sourcepath, right click, modify and type in the location of where you copied that win98 folder to.

This may seem a bother to do (it's not) but if you do it, the computer will never annoy you for the win98 cd again.
And if you copy the entire cd ( about 700MB) to a second hard-drive or partition, you can use this to re-install windows 98 in less than half the time as normal, as it doesn't need to access a cd all the time. Simple and very useful me thinks! :D
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